Group 2: Intended Meanings - Fail!

1. This is supposed to be a logo for a baby diaper changing station.  It looks inappropriate and does not convey the message that this is a space for parents to use to change a baby's diaper.

2. This logo is supposed to entice you to use this pool service. Our group got a lot of mixed messages from this logo. A logo should be easy to understand even without the words. Without the words, we are very unsure as to what this is about. It's a drunken frog urinating into a pool. That is really not universal. 

3. This store's intended message is to inform potential patrons that this is a second hand clothing shop for children. Unfortunately, it does not give that message. The spacing is not adequate and people might read it as "Kid Sex Change".

4. This logo's intended message is a logo for a university. There is a building in front of a graphic of a sun, but because of the curves in the roof the image does not look that way. It looks like a butt.

5. This is a logo for Kudawara Pharmacy. It's possible the oval shape of the logo is supposed to look like a pill, being that this is a logo for a pharmacy, but one of the unintended messages is a doctor giving a patient a shot in the bum.