Group 2: Intended Meanings - Success!

1. Life's Good makes household appliances that make your life more convenient. So there is a winking face created with the letters L and G, designed to reassure the customer he or she is making the right choice by purchasing an LG product.

2. This logo does a great job of conveying its intended message of reliability and urgency through use of a simple and easily readable design and of course, there is the suitable use of the arrow that shows your package is on its way!

3. Goodwill's intended message is to welcome customers and charitable contributions to its organization. This is done through use of a lowercase G that gives the illusion of a smiling face.

4. The intended message is that you hit the bulls-eye with this store! Use of a literal target makes that statement fairly clear. 

5. This logo is for a baseball team called the Milwaukee Brewers. It's intended message is to let us know that this is a baseball team. It does that by designing the letters M and B into a baseball glove shape and the center of the B looks like a baseball.