Group 4: Intended Meanings - Fail!

This page will serve as a forum for each group examples of images which do not successfully demonstrate the Producer's Intended Meaning (Practices of Looking, page 45).

1. Milk Power

It makes people confuse that, the milk taste good, so that people don't want to leave the glass. Or the glass is  hard thus it wouldn't be broke.

2. Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirt's logo

It is racial discrimination for Wongs (Asia peoples' last name). Seems that most of the Wongs want to be white.  And the meaning is Two wrong make it right.

3. TOYOTA ad. 

Lion is a symbol of China, but the lion is saluting to the Japanese car. It's culture shock.

4. No smoking ad.

This ad shows that smoking is as cool as 007. You can get the power like 007 as you smoking. It's a reverse ad.

5. Mc Donalds

The ad expresses that keep the city nice, use the trash can. But, the lockers don't mean anything about the  topic.


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