Group 3: Intended Meanings - Fail!

This does not work because the visual is not clear and the message is kind of confusing. The product might take longer to realize what the meaning is of it.  It took us about 10 mins to talk about it. We think that if the Mustang was more visible it would be effective.

This would be effective if the first billboard was just on at all times. When it rains the other billboard has mascara running from the one eye without the Mac Factor mascara. As a driver if I were to see that mascara smearing in the rain I would think that Mac Factor mascara runs... why would I want to wear that product if it is not clear that the other eye that is smearing is wearing another company mascara.

This can be confusing because the message is not clear. The guy seems strong and full of fear but you are not sure what they are trying to get you view. What message are they trying to give us?? We do not know.

This is not effective because why would I want to buy a car that can fit in a box? This shows that the car is junk and not reliable.

It is so small and in a pile of junk.

This ad is trying to promote washing your hands before you eat. I think it is visually unappealing that it makes us sick to look at the ad. This would be a great ad for a diet.