Group 3: Intended Meanings - Success!

 This works because the visual representation of the shirts show that the detergent is effective to the men climbing on the billboard. Also the shirts looks like a smile.

Bic Razor is so sharp that it can cut grass. This works and is very effective. It shows that the razor is very strong and powerful it can cut/shave through anything. 

This works because the words are straight forward and the question marks are located in the frame makes the message clear. It is reinforced with the starkness of the room. The room is bare and small.

This message is clear. Emily is trying to tell Steven how she feels and what she knows. It is hard to ignore. This grabs attention.

This works. You can see a stuffed animal is $28.00. You can see the real thing at the Zoo for only $7.00. This shows that you can experience the zoo cheaper then the stuffed animal is. The kids will love this image because it is a typical stuffed animal. They would tell the parents to take them.