Group 1: Intended Meanings - Fail!

We consider this image to be a fail because while the message of the text is cordial, the snarling wolf is a warning to stay back.

This ad is a fail because unless you were already familiar with Modess as a company, this advertisement would not give any information about the product.

This Pepsi ad, although advertising the new mini cans, makes us think that this product is so small that it has no chance at quenching our thirst.

This company logo reminded us of the Wizard of Oz song, Ding Dong the Witch is dead. This is not a person that we would want to hire as a balloon artist for our party.

Although the fashion industry likes to shock its audience, this image does not make the viewer want to wear these clothes. It shows the truly ugly side of addition, and makes the clothes seem unattractive as well.