Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Group Weblog Project

Today in class we will discuss our Group Weblog Project. Each group will get started by creating a blog in Blogger and add each member of the group to the weblog as a contributor.

We will also change the permissions for each member, granting them admin privileges and add titles to our blogs.

Please consider the address and the title of your blog carefully during the creation process. The address of your blog should make sense and be something that you will be able to remember.

To aid us in the process of getting started, the good folk from Blogger have put together this easy-to-follow video:

Blogger also has a detailed extensive help section to keep us moving in the right direction if you encounter any ambiguity in the process of creating and setting up your Group's Weblog.

Once our blogs have been created, we will move on to our second assignment of the evening and begin developing some materials to post on the group weblogs. You may also want to discuss a strategy for future contributions and postings to the blog in terms of how you will equitably distribute posting responsibilities throughout your group.

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